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8th Grade - Admin Team (Mr. Pukhkiy AP, Ms. Aslam Guidance)

Parents First Phase of High School Information: Using the System

All applications will now be completed online by families. Our team of counselors are going to assist everyone through the process.

 In Mid- October the myschools system opens for families. Most students have an account already that they created when they were in elementary school.

1. How to log in to your myschools account

  •   Step 1 : Go to
  •  Step 2: Enter your email address used when setting up the account (most likely when your child was in grade 5 for the middle school process) You can reset your password if you forgot it
  • Step 3: For those who no longer have access to this email account or did not have a Myschools account, please send your child to Guidance so they can request a new account creation code to set up a new accountOnce opened, you will see several tabs which contain information for the various steps to the high process i.e the SHSAT & LaGuardia sign up, an online HS directory and school finder app along with the actual application for the 12 choices.

2. The first step for families is to take the tutorials on the site and see how helpful this site can be for this process–there is a lot of information and ultimately once we are all comfortable utilizing the online system, we know it will be manageable and convenient.

The 4 things you can do now are:

1. Study for the SHSAT if you plan to take it. You can take a prep course (see the guidance tab on our website to see a list of providers) There are sample tests in the HS Admissions guide book online. :

2.  Review Talent Audition requirements on the website:

  • The process may change each year, but you can get familiar with what is likely to happen. Talk directly with your talent teachers and begin to identify songs, monologues, dances or artwork for your portfolios.

3.  Begin to identify schools and programs you may be interested in:

  • The 2023 High School Admissions Guide is available online in English and nine other languages.. This guide includes everything you need to know about applying to high schools in New York City, including how to participate in Specialized High Schools admissions.
  • Use the searchable high school directory online to explore schools and programs in more detail.
  • Keep a list of all schools you are interested in In the Fall when your individual Myschools account is open, you will be able to save the list directly in your account


  • Sign up for MS51 emails: 

Other Links:

HS Admission Videos:

7th Grade Admin Team (Ms. Sterlis AP & Ms. Liriano Paulino Guidance)


Following are test prep tutors who have participated in our past open house events. Some businesses are owned by graduates of specialized high schools or hire graduates and students as teachers and tutors, and minority-owned. SHSAT Prep Course Tutors

These are not endorsements. The Stuyvesant HS alumni Diversity Initiative and the Stuyvesant HS Alumni Association do  not benefit from these businesses. Families should use these suggestions as a launching pad in the research for the type of tutoring that suits their children.

Dream Chasers

DREAMChasers is a free tutoring and mentorship program for the New York City Specialized High School Test (SHSAT).  This program provides seventh grade students from low-income and underrepresented backgrounds with greater access to quality education with the goal of improving their prospects of attending a NYC specialized high school.  Students will receive eleven months of test preparation and over 300 hours of tutoring from Khan’s Tutorial.

Oliver Scholar’s Program

Students must meet all of the following criteria in order to be nominated for our Program:

  • Black and Latinx students in 7th grade 

  • 90% overall GPA

  • 600 or higher on NYS standardized tests

  • Demonstrates leadership potential through school involvement

  • NYC resident


Applications/Nominations to PREP 9 (our boarding school program) are encouraged for students who meet the following criteria:

  • Of African American  or  Latino descent

  • Currently in the seventh grade in a public, charter, or parochial school in New York City or the surrounding metropolitan areas (New Jersey, Westchester, Long Island, and Connecticut);

  • Scored 3’s and 4’s on previous NYS ELA and Math exam

  • An overall average of 90% or above on previous year report card

  • Reserved for students who demonstrate high financial need (family income and financial assets are part on the application process)

6th Grade Admin Team (Mrs. Goris AP & Ms. Bosco Guidance)

Outside Academic Program

Below is a list of independent programs which offer academic opportunities to select students throughout NYC.  All of these programs will have specific requirements for admission;  academic, ethnic and/or financial.  The mission of these programs is to provide opportunities for academic and personal growth. Some may assist your child in applying for boarding schools, others in providing summer academic intensives. 

We encourage you to view each website for eligibility. If you are interested and qualify for any of the programs, please speak with your child’s guidance counselor.  Programs may require parents to register online. 

Hunter College Highschool Admissions

Determined by their performance on their 5th grade NYS Math and ELA exams.  The DOE will email and mail notifications to public school students who meet the threshold 


Qualified candidates MUST:

  • Be an NYC resident enrolled in Sixth Grade

  • Achieve a 90% or above in all classes

  • Come from families with Financial need

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the US (Parent status not required)

  • Have a strong attendance and punctuality

Breakthrough New York

Transforms the lives of motivated students of low income background by preparing them for college for exceptional 6th grade students for a free 10 year college success program 

  • They are in the 6th grade during the 2022-2023 school year

  • They have an 83% or above in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies as of their first 6th grade report card

  • They come from a low-income household

  • The student and at least one guardian have been vaccinated against COVID-19 by April 1, 2023


Applications/Nominations to Prep for Prep are encouraged for students who meet the following criteria:

  • Of African American, Latino, Asian and multiracial descent 

  • Currently in the fifth or sixth grade attending a New York City area public, charter, or parochial school;

  • Scored 3’s and 4’s on previous years NYS Ela and Math Exams

  • Average 90% or above or mostly 4’s on final report card

  • Reserved for students who demonstrate high financial need (family income and financial assets are part on the application process