Student Life

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MS 51 provides the opportunity for students to develop self-awareness and begin making choices about the areas they wish to explore.

After School Clubs

  • VIRTUAL CODING CLUB   Virtual coding is an opportunity for students of all levels to learn and develop their coding skills by high school students. This club partners with a National non-profit organization called Steel City Code. This is our second year with the program.

  • CHESS  Learn to play or just play chess

  • CULTURE CLUB  Identifies with and celebrates inclusivity at MS51. The club’s goal aligns with the D15 vision on DUET. 


  • LIBRARY SQUAD Students will assist with activities to promote reading. 

  • PRETTY COMMITTEE   Students will decorate extra bulletin boards, post inspirational messages around the school building.

  • BOARD GAME CLUB  Students relax and unwind with board games.

  • GLAM   LGBTQ and Allies club Gender and Sexuality Alliance.

  • GUITAR CLUB  Learning new chords and rocking out. Also building community amongst students from all grade levels. All are welcomed! 

  • INTRO TO FILM STUDY  Differential teaching is the goal as an educator to meet the needs of each of our students. Regardless of what we teach, we need to re-introduce the concept in a different way. Film study does that. This class will introduce literary skills through the analysis of t.v. shows and films. We will address the basics of film analysis, cinematic formal elements, genre, and narrative structure and help students develop the skills to recognize, analyze, describe and enjoy film as an art all while being entertained.

  • SPANISH TRADITIONS AND CULTURE We will watch short videos, taste food from different countries, play games in Spanish. Make crafts that represent a tradition from one or more of the 21 countries that speak Spanish, and learn to dance. 

  • CLUB TV MS51 NEWS  Lights, camera, action! Club TV is an opportunity for students to create our school’s news show! Come learn about the field of media and build skills of collaboration and communication to share global, local and school community news. While we film, students will also develop skills in recording and editing videos, writing (news stories) and news production (on-air talent, stage presence, lighting, staging, etc). 

  • PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUB Public speaking would include developing self confidence, learning how to regulate tone, volume, learning to have fun with speaking around peers in “public.” 

  • ROBOTICS  Develop understanding robotics and create models of different systems. 

  • COOKING CLASS  Teaching students basic culinary skills, how to cook as well as how to cook on a budget.

  • DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS Students will set up characters and campaigns and launch for another fun year. 

LEAP After School Program

LEAP, (Learning through an Expanded Arts Program), hosts a free after-school program at MS 51. LEAP provides an educational arts based curriculum that is hands-on, interdisciplinary, and project based. Students will participate in Arts, Technology, and Athletic activities. LEAP’s Teaching Artists and Activity Specialists value a diverse educational experience and have special skills and expertise in their respective disciplines. Your child can take advantage of the wide range of both recreational and enrichment activities that we have to offer, including but not limited to: Theater, Dance, Graphic Design, Photography, Visual Arts, DJ Mixing, Basketball, Soccer, and various other club choices.

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After School Academic Support

For the 2022-23 school year, we are offering extra academic support on Wednesday afternoons from 3:00pm-5:00pm in ELA, Math, reading, and Living Environment. Email the grade Assistant Principal for more information.